Meeting rooms

Amrâth Hotel Lapershoek Arenapark is the perfect location for your business meetings, receptions, dinners and events in Hilversum. The hotel offers 10 versatile rooms, suitable to be linked can accommodate meetings up to 600 guests. All venues provide free Wi-Fi and natural daylight.

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  • Strauss, Brahms, Verdi

Strauss, Brahms, Verdi

Our meeting rooms Straus, Brahms and Verdi, are perfectly suitable for meetings up to 8 people. 

236 - 279 Ft² 8
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  • Mahler, Ravel, Bach

Mahler, Ravel, Bach

The Mahler, Ravel and Bach rooms can be linked to eachother to create one venue, perfectly suited for your group dinners or other events. 

731 - 828 Ft² 24 22 24 60 40
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  • Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Lapers

Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Lapers

By combining the Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Lapers room we can cater for one big venue, suitable for your business events and private gatherings. 

1302 - 1743 Ft² 45 39 48 120 80
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